Popular Mechanics presents: Master Engraver Hank Robinson

Recently teamed up with Popular Mechanics Magazine and Dremel to travel to Amsterdam and attend the Ambacht in Beeld Festival to showcase and demo some live engravings. First have to thank everyone from the Ambacht in Beeld Festival, just a outstanding staff. Treated me like family during the entire show. Very thankful of the opportunity and cant wait to work with them again.


From Phoenix, Arizona, master engraver is Hank Robinson for Craft in Focus Festival to share his skills with the public.


Hank does with passion and talent engravings on all materials, such as cars, motorcycles, glass and even shoes.

This program component is offered by Popular Mechanics , the media partner of the first Craft in Focus Festival in New York in June 2017. Popular Mechanics is a monthly magazine of Hearst Media, founded in 1902, which focuses on authors, do-it-yourself Crafts and techniques. With a monthly reach of 14 million readers, they are the ideal partner for our first festival in New York. And as the start of the collaboration they now bring one of the top craftsmen to Amsterdam for demonstrations and workshops.

The tools that Robinson be used during the festival provided by Dremel .



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